Soumya PV (b. 1985), hailing from Bangalore, Karnataka is a visual artist who works in a variety of media. For her, art is a spontaneous and joyful celebration of life, and she expresses herself with brushes and colours to actualize her ideas on canvas.

An ardent fan of spirituality and divinity, she considers art as an instrument to propagate ideas and expression. When one looks at Soumya's work, her ability to juxtapose vivid, vibrant colours with fine, riveting details comes to the fore. She has a soft corner for old school Indian art forms such as Kerala frescoes and Tanjavur paintings whose principles she incorporates in contemporary art forms on canvas and paper.

Soumya has been inclined towards the arts since childhood. Despite having completed her CA with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2009, and having worked as a tax consultant and auditor for several years, her penchant for artistic expression, coupled with her passion to follow her true calling moved Soumya to embark on this beautiful journey as a full fledged professional artist.